This is a companion to our FDD Review package. Here you can get deeper insights and details on-demand, before or after our conference call together. This course is complimentary to our FDD Review Package clients.

Unlock the full potential of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) review with our comprehensive companion course. Exclusively available from Reidel Law Firm, this online course offers in-depth insights and expert commentary designed to complement our FDD Review Package.

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Whether you’re new to franchising or looking to deepen your understanding, FDD Review Mastery Companion Course is your go-to resource for making informed franchise decisions. Enroll today and take control of your franchise journey with the confidence that comes from expert guidance and comprehensive knowledge.

Who is this for?

This course is designed for those seeking to become a franchisee of a franchise system and who have retained Reidel Law Firm for our FDD Review Package. It will help you understand deeper insights into your FDD/franchise agreement along with our Summary Review Letter. This course is only for clients of our FDD Review Package.

What will I learn?

This comprehensive micro course offers deeper discussion and details based on comments in our FDD Summary Review Letter. We will explain topics and issues by video if you are confused or have questions based on the Summary Review Letter.

Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • FDD Summary Review Companion
    • 1. Secured Site Timeline
    • 2. Opening Timeline
    • 3. Licenses and Permits
    • 4. Liquidated Damages
    • 5. Employee Appearance Requirements
    • 6. Confidentiality Obligations
    • 7. Insurance Requirements
    • 8. Legal Entity Recommendation
    • 10. Death or Disability
    • 11. Personal Guaranty
    • 12. Personal Estate Planning Recommendations
    • 15. Term of Agreement and Renewal
    • 16. Site Selection Criteria
    • 17. Broker and Franchisor Interests
    • 18. Real Estate Control Document
    • 20. Transfer Restrictions
    • 21. Specific Requirements for Transfer
    • 22. Right of First Refusal
    • 23. Goodwill
    • 24. Asset Purchase Upon Termination
    • 25. Right to Operate
    • 26. Initial and Ongoing Training
    • 27. Obligations of the Franchisor
    • 28. Fees
    • 29. Maintenance and Update Requirements
    • 30. Operate Strictly in Compliance
    • 31. Manager or Managed
    • 32. Limited Trademark Rights
    • 33. Protected Territory and Reservation of Rights
    • 34. Right to Change System
    • 35. Change of Trademark
    • 36. Local Advertising Requirements
    • 37. Reporting Requirements
    • 38. Termination Provisions
    • 39. Grant Back Clause
    • 40. Covenants Against Competition
    • 41. Identity to the Public
    • 42. Indemnification of Franchisor
    • 43. Tax Reimbursement
    • 44. Renewal Requirements
    • 45. Renewal Timelines
    • 46. Law of the Franchise Agreement
    • 47. Dispute Resolution
    • 48. Waiver of Jury and Damages
    • 49. Statute of Limitations

Course Instructor

Schuyler 'Rocky' Reidel Schuyler ‘Rocky’ Reidel Author

FDD Summary Review Companion